AMC 10/12 A and B Result and AIME Qualifiers

March 10th, 2010

The combined AMC 10/12 A and B results are updated here. The AIME qualifying score from AMC 12A/B is lowered to 88.5. For AMC10A/B, it's 118.5, not as dramatic as AMC12. Experts comment that it may be because the top 1% of the AMC10 students are strong enough to handle the challenges posted this year. For AMC 12, since it generates a bigger percentage 5% of the contestants for AIME qualifiers, the difference is better shown. Anyway, based on what's being reported to us so far, the following students qualified AIME.

Aritro Biswas
Alexander Clifton
Bryan Brzycki
Calvin Huang
Christopher Hazard
Corey Chen
Cynthia Day
David Ke
Henry Wang
Hyun Jong Kim
Jakob Weisblat
Jonathan Lee
Jongwoon Park
Jonwook Kim
Jinseong Kim
Joyce Shi
Kevin Yang
Kevin Yin
Luda Zhao
Leon Yao
Mark Huang
Patrick Pan
Raku Watari
Roger Sheu
Sara Akgul
Sarah Hermann
Stephen Yoo
Soumya Basu
Tiffany Ding
Vinson Luo

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