ARML stands for American Regions Math League. Math Zoom Academy is a proud sponsor of ARML. Our faculty member Dr. Paul Dreyer is the western site coordinator for ARML. We attend the western site regularly and assist in running the event in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Dr. Kevin Wang, along with Dr. Merryfield, is involved in coaching the Southern California ARML team, an award winning team.

ARML has a history of 35 years. It is run concurrently at four sites across the United States in late May or Early June each year. There are 6 rounds in the contest, in order they are: Team, Power, Individual, and Relay. There are two additional rounds; one is the tie-breaker to determine the top scorers and the Super Relay which involves all fifteen team members and is fun. At the western site, the Team and Power are done on Friday night. At the other sites, all rounds take place on Saturday.  In the Team round each team is given 20 minutes to answer 10 problems. In the Power round the team has 1 hour. In the Individual round, the participants are given 5 sets of problems. Each set has 2 problems and the players are given 10 minutes for each set. Thus the Individual round is 50 minutes. In the Relay round the team is divided into 5 smaller teams of 3 players each. Answers are submitted to the proctor in 6 minute intervals. The problems are in sets of 3 (one per student). There are 2 relay questions.

For more information about ARML, please click here.

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