US Teams for the World Math Team Championship announced

October 18th, 2010

The response to the announcement of organizing US Teams for the World Math Team Championship was phenomenal! After reviewing the applications and coordinating the logistics, we have decided to send four teams with a couple of alternates this year. With the 26 bright and motivated youngsters in this trip, we are going to experience this very first WMTC event. Afterwards, we'll have better ideas on how to best organize future teams and hopefully create more opportunities to more students next year. Please note it's four teams, already doubled the originally planned two teams! Again, because of the time constraint, we wanted to simplify the selection process by considering scores from all major math contests such as AMC series, MathCounts, ARML, SCMO, etc., demonstrated passion, motivation and maturity, and some logistics factors. Although simplified, we still wanted to follow the principle of fairness and diversity in the selection process.

All the high school team members selected are at the levels of USA(J)MO qualifiers or better. The middle school team members are at the levels of AIME or USA(J)MO qualifiers, and/or MathCounts National participants. The team members are geographically diversified as well. We have students from Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Kansas and California. Very strong students and fairly good amount of nationwide representation across the United States.
Here is the list of the team members.

High School Team: Alexander Ramirez, Henry Wang, Kevin Yin, Leon Yao, Matthew Rauen, Stephen Yoo, Sean Kanne (alternate), and Logan Crew (alternate).

Middle School Two Teams: Alexander Hong, Alicia Weinstein, David Cao, Eric Si, Evan Chen, Nathan Wong, Nicholas Rauen, Patrick Pan, Robert Wu, Shyam Narayaman, Vinson Luo, Vishank Jain-Sharma, and Eric Tang (Alternate).

Primary Team: Clayton Goertemiller, Eric Hou, Justin Wang, Timothy Li, Tony Zeng, and Zack Lee.

Team Leaders, organizers and parent chaperons: Kevin Wang, Kelly Ren, Quan Lam, Paul Zeitz, Cindy Cui, Sam Narayaman, Julie Goertemiller, Teresa Qiu, Katherine Jia.

The US Teams are sponsored and supported by Math Zoom Academy, MSRI, and our dedicated parents. The WMTC is a three-day event mixed with math contests, excursions, and culture exchange opportunities in Beijing China in November 25 to 28, 2010.

Thank you all for your interest and support. We look forward to a fruitful trip.

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