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Math Zoom 2014 Winter Boot Camp on December 26-30, 2014 ! More information is available here.

ZIML (Zoom International Math League) Online Competition info is here

Math Zoom is now part of Areteem Institute at areteem.org

Registration is Open for the Winter Session Math Competition / Olympiad and Problem Solving Courses.

Math Zoom Year-Round Courses
View upcoming year-round course schedule
offered by MathZoom.

Winter Bootcamp Coming soon December 26-30, 2014 !

During the winter break, Math Zoom has been offering an onsite bootcamp for the following AMC (AMC10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO), and MathCounts contest season. Students are grouped according to their levels and the goals in the season.  Dates are usually during the week between the Christmas and New Year holidays. While the students enjoy the camp more than anything else, the families can enjoy a vacation in the sunny Southern California.

Online Classes Available!

Math Zoom Academy started online coaching remote students in individual and small group settings since 2008. The official online learning center was launched in 2010, with introducing the Math Challenge II, III and IV courses to the virtual classroom initially. The Math Challenge I course was added soon after. The courses occur in real time, where the students will have both video and audio access to the instructor.  Students experience a virtual classroom environment with interactive whiteboards, chat, document library, screen sharing, and full media access.  Recordings are available for students to review or make up a missed live session.
It has been a great success!  The online classes meet once a week, same as the onsite classes, with homework assignment required to submit back to the instructors before the next class session. The objective of the virtual classroom is to provide students around the nation and around the world better access to the prestigious Math Zoom programs, by allowing students and instructors to participate in remote learning communities.  Math Zoom summer camps attract students from all over the United States and around the world, and now the students can be coached and mentored throughout the year from the comfort of their own homes!  Some of the best students around the nation have been participating the online programs and they have been making tremendous progresses on the study of advanced problem solving. Those progresses have been shown on their performances in the math competition scores like in AMC 8/10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO, ARML, MathCounts, etc. The schedule of the online courses can be found  here.

2015 Summer Camp is approaching!

Math Zoom, a summer program from Areteem Institute, will offer two residential summer camps in 2015. Students a chance to live on a college campus for three weeks in an environment of exciting mental challenges, friendly competition, and refreshing recreation. The eastern camp will be announced on January 27th. The dates for the East Coast camp will be July 20th – Aug 9th, 2015. The western camp will be held at UC Berkeley from June 22nd – July 12th, 2015. A day camp option is available at both residential camp sites.  For more information, give us a call!

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